HEAD START of Greater Dallas, Inc., provides children with the foundation of skills and knowledge they need to be successful in school and life and fosters self-reliant families and communities.


Head Start of Greater Dallas believes every child should have the opportunity for:

Quality Education

The overall goal of the HSGD Education Department is to bring about a greater degree of social competence in children considered at risk.

Family Support

The goal of the Family Advocacy Content Area is to partner with families and the community to help strengthen Head Start families.

Good Nutrition

Our primary goal is to help children maintain healthy weights by increasing physical activity while reducing the number of overweight children in Head Start of Greater Dallas.

Personal Development

The children in the HSGD program exhibit an average of 39% growth in the areas of social, emotional, and academic achievement in a year’s time.


A strong community of healthy, self-reliant families actively engaged in giving children hope, direction and skills to succeed in school and life.